Mastery Over Mansions


Madeline Ann Diemer, M.A., is a professor of psychology at Everest University, Tampa, Florida.  She was an adult education teacher for Pinellas County Schools and an instructor of Parapsychology I, II, III and IV at St. Petersburg Junior College.

 She is an ordained minister and served as pastor and director of the Spiritual Center Church, Largo, Florida.  She has developed a clientele, giving clairvoyant readings for over 40 years and was employed by the Professional Psychic Counselors Network where she gave over 14,000 intuitive readings.

 Reverend Diemer established a weekly prayer group which continues to go and grow for the last 16 years. She participated in Native American Prayer Lodges held at her home.

 She established The Conservatory where she offered classes and seminars on spiritual development, along with weekend retreats for therapists and their clients. She studied with Reunions author Dr. Raymond Moody, becoming a Psychomanteum Facilitator, and assisted him in training other facilitators.

 She is the author of Hearts and Pearls, a card guide for relaxing with relationships and Journey to Joy: A Guide to Enjoying Your Emotions.

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