Mastery Over Mansions
Golden Keys to Higher Consciousness

Do you want change? You can create what you desire and deserve by changing your consciousness. No change takes place outside until there has been a change inside.

 Our consciousness determines:

  •        Who we are and how we are seen in the world.
  •        Where we live--both on earth and in heaven.
  •        How we form attitudes that take us where we want to go.
  •        What we can keep and what does not belong to us.
  •        Why we get lessons that others don’t receive.

 One of the most permanently positive actions we can take for ourselves is to study our own consciousness and learn how to build it with our daily experiences, repair it by recognizing regrets, restore it through forgiveness, and maintain it through prayer, meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

 “Mastery Over Mansions is a wonderful book! It is a combination of spiritual truths with practical applications. For those of us working on building consciousness, this is a must-have power tool.”   Rev. Robert N. Fortner, Senior Minister, Unity Church of Palm Harbor

 “Madeline Diemer offers us a treasure map to navigate through our life’s journey, ignite our intuition, and direct our Divine Purpose. The unconditional love beckons us to live more deeply in the truth of our spiritual nature.” Sheryle R. Baker, LMHC, Executive Director, The Life Center of the Suncoast, Inc. Tampa, FL

 “This creative work is an empowering guide to understand yourself more authentically as you listen deeply to the gifts of spirit within. This treasure helps you gain insight into all areas of your spiritual growth.” Frannie Hoffman, spiritual counselor and author of From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self.

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